Your Trusted Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Facility


Journey Senior Services is a 33-bed secured Alzheimer & dementia care facility located in Carroll, Iowa. We are locally owned and operated, providing professional memory care to a growing population in need. We are passionate about our residents and do everything we can to provide them with exceptional care, comfortable living facilities, and a wide range of activities for all abilities.

Unlike other conventional nursing homes or assisted living centers, at Journey Senior Services, memory care is all we do, meaning we can put all of time and energy into those who need it most. We are the best choice for your loved one because we understand the complexity of Alzheimer’s and dementia and know how to support them through their changing needs at any stage of the disease. Most of all, though, we strive to help all of our residents enjoy each and every day, maintaining as much of their individuality as possible in spite of their challenges. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your visit.

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