Memory Care Center Activities

Our memory care center activities run 7 days a week, which enables the flexibility to provide each resident with the amount of stimulation for their stage in the disease process.

Through our specialized programming, we strive to promote self-esteem and self-worth by building on a resident’s abilities. Some of these include:

  • Household chores such as baking, sweeping, folding laundry
  • Music and art such as sing-a-longs, outside music groups, and crafts
  • Daily wellness activities such as exercises and walking both inside and outside
  • Brain wellness activities such as trivia, puzzles, and games

We have many scheduled and spontaneous activities throughout the day, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, with gentle guidance and visual reminders, in a safe environment.

Our goal is to engage residents in activities that enhance mind, body, and spirit by filling the days with favorite pastimes and making sure to create plenty of meaningful moments.