We truly believe that we provide the best memory care in Iowa, but don't just take our word for it. Nobody can truly understand what makes us unique like our residents and their families. Find out what they are saying below and contact us if you would like to leave a review.

"Hi, my name is Jane Kock and some of you may know my husband from the banking business or from him helping out with the sports teams in the local area for several years. A few years ago, Steve was diagnosed with dementia. The diagnosis gave us some time to plan, and I cared for him at home for several years. When I started doing my research and got a doctor’s recommendation for Journey, I found out what a good fit that would be for us. Journey provides a safe environment for Steve, and it gives me peace of mind knowing how well he is cared for. The staff have always been very professional and super caring. I could only hope should I need this type of care, I could spend my last years at a wonderful place like Journey."

 "I moved Dwayne to a facility about a year and a half ago and had him at home for about three years and it was getting harder and harder for me and kind of wearing me down. So the family and I decided that it was time for him to be in a place where they could take care of him. And of course, I've been married to Dwayne for 63 years, so I expected him to have the best care as though I was taking care of him myself. I wasn't happy with his care. So, I decided to look around and find a place that he would be happy in it and that I would be happy in. So, I found Journey and I got a real good tour of the place and visited with Nancy Snyder about the level of care that he would receive here at Journey and I was very impressed and I was happy with the thought of moving Dwayne."

"Since Dwayne's been at Journey now for about five weeks, he's no longer using a wheelchair anywhere. He walks the halls twice in a row at times, and he's gotten so much stronger. And the care here is phenomenal. I have never had to ask them to do anything different with him. They are always asking me, "Is there anything we can do to better Dwayne's care?" That has just taken the stress off of me. I feel like a person again. And I don't feel like I'm complaining all the time. He just has such good care when I come up. They're sitting on the couch with him if he's having a bad time. Looking at books, going through picture albums that I've brought up, or just listening to Christian music. And they're just there for him all the time and I couldn't be happier with him out here."